small black glazed bottle neck vase

Started by carlyoung, Mar 28, 2017, 03:11:49

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Hi all

Just thought I would show this little black glazed vase on the off chance that someone might know something about it.

Probably a hard one to identify but worth a shot

Approx 12 cm's tall with a strange celadon underglaze , red clay with a convex base.


Whatever this is, it does not look like a Chinese antique item. There never existed such a type of bottom on traditional Chinese porcelain. What I mean is the color of the base, the overall shape would be okay. I always recommend avoiding monochrome items because there are fewer points of reference (no decoration) for dating.


That's interesting , Thanks Peter , I have a small ointment jar with very similar base which I can now wipe off my possible Chinese list.


Careful.  Some genuine items may also have a very intense reddish base that is the result of the firing process. They are relatively rare, and many are at least Ming dynasty or earlier. But that is always on an unglazed bottom.
The current one seems to have something applied to the base, and that is what makes it odd... :-)