A Republican era figurine?

Started by Hmm, Mar 20, 2017, 13:32:26

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Hi any opinion on whether this is a Republic era figure?




Could be second half of the 20th century, perhaps third quarter?


Thanks.  I was thinking it was probably around that time period as well, but not sure why?  Any thoughts?  Is the base totally wrong for figures of the Republican era?


I am not 100% sure... but it looks much like so many vintage figurines I have seen. I mean the painting and colors.
And, because these figurines were normally used for domestic (Chinese) use, having a CHINA stamp on it as it was used for export porcelain  from about late 19th to about 1920s is a bit giving the impression that it is not of the period. I do not think that it would fall into that period before the 1920s. In addition to that, some of the older ones would have impressed traces of the cloth on which they were placed during production. This also means items are older.


for what is worth, let me give you my two cents on this.

Here in the USA and probably some other western countries, usually if you ask an antique dealer or flea market person they will usually tell you that if it has a red stamped "CHINA "mark on the bottom its an antique piece. It doesn't matter if the piece looks new or old, they usually say it's an antique. Now, I think that some Chinese fakers got ahold of this and start making figurines like this and stamp them with the red " CHINA" mark on the bottom and sell them as early century or republic period pieces. I agree that this piece looks something from the second half of the 20th century. It doesn't look that old but it doesn't look that new either...


@heavenguy:  "It doesn't look that old but it doesn't look that new either..." That was my consensus too, although it has accumulated a bunch of dust inside that cup/bowl next to the figure.  Seems that because of the Cultural Revolution, figures probably weren't being made like this from the 64-76, at the same time it doesn't look really new either, so it's sometime between 50-64?

@peterp:  the shiny part, perhaps glaze that leaked on the bottom, has a somewhat crosshatched pattern, does this look like the burlap cloth that they used to put these types of objects on when firing? 


The threading of the cloth is usually very clearly visible on the whole bottom surface. I'm afraid this one may not look that way.