Old "Chinese" bowl

Started by cimage, Mar 19, 2017, 02:32:42

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Hello everybody,

I have this seemingly "very old chinese bowl". Its circonference is 22cm for 9 in height.

Wanted to know your opinion about it...

Thanks in advance,


Hi there

That is a very unusual bowl , not sure it is Chinese though , looks like a Qingbai glaze (stand to be corrected), could be Japanese ?

Can you take a close up photo of the base , showing the clay and the footrim?


Could be japanese, I don't know, that's why I said "chinese", in quotation marks, and used the word seemingly...

I'll do the photo right away and post it on the next reply...


Here is the photo hope it's ok...


The base looks as if it could be 19th century, but the tone of the blue color would make it later, unless it is Japanese. Actually, I was also thinking of Japanese, with such a decoration, if it were not for the dipping method used for the glazing, which was common China. But I would add a third possibility, namely Taiwanese. That could explain to some degree why the bowl shows both Chinese and Japanese influences.
This is a bowl made for the common people.


I think that this has a Japanese look more than Chinese, I agree with Peter the blue is a Meiji blue, it looks like it could be Raku glaze, I have seen Japanese chargers with similar decorations.


The reason that I mentioned Taiwan as a possible source is the following. After Taiwan was governed by Japan in the late Qing dynasty, lots of crafts started changing under Japanese influence. This includes furniture, ceramics, and more. Vintage Taiwanese bowls show clearly something between the two, and so does furniture, sometimes more and sometimes less, but the Chinese designs all had disappeared in later items.
What is baffling with this bowl is the glazing method used, which should not have been much in use after 18th century, Not in China, and in Japan only for rustic tea cups, perhaps.


Hello everybody

Don't know what to say. Thanks so much for your help!...

Just wanted to mention that I asked a french site, expertartasie.com, and received their answer : the "expert" saying that this bowl, in his opinion, was middle east and not Asia... and so he could not help me.



I think finally that the expert I was talking in the earlier post was right...


Please post any new information you might find out about it.


I was confirmed by another expert... It's Persian pottery. 18 century + and -.

A simple search on google confirmes it... The form, the glaze, the cobalt blue...
At the origin Chinese cobalt came from middle east.

Thanks so much to you all that took the time to consider it.


Hi, I would be interested in having a look at the bowl, if you could post a link, or the search term that shows one. Always eager to learning something new.
BTW, there were only two periods when cobalt from the Middle East was used, but both were relatively limited. The first time was in the Yuan dynasty.  The cobalt imported during the second time was used up some 400 years ago The rest of the time China sourced the pigments locally, as ancient documents prove, Later in the 19th century chemical pigments started to be used, which had a similar blue tone as this one.
I would be interested to know what exactly looks like this, especially as this does not look very much like the classical Persian wares. Thanks anyway.


I don't know how to post links, but term of research "Persian pottery bowl" ; when surfing on images, you don't get exactly the same, but you can't miss the form, the aspect of the footrim, the blue, the glaze etc.

Generally speaking there's not so much information as for Chinese pottery... I'll keep searching something more precise and will keep you in touch if found something.