Qianglong M&P???

Started by heavenguy, Mar 15, 2017, 09:14:36

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Hello, this is a Qianlong pitcher.

Is this a m&P pitcher. Also if this will be consider an export piece.

Thank you in advance.


I would check if it could be export porcelain made for South Asia (lotus decoration) or the Middle East (shape).


I guess it is an export China since it has the two elements you mention.

Thank you


Notice the lid the hole on the inside, I only see this on 20th century items.


I meant that the lotus is Asian, but the shape looks more like something made for Persia or the Middle East.  I do not know if the lotus ever was on items made for the Middle East. It just leaves some doubts, in my view.


I was looking at a Chinese movie on Netflix today and saw that they used this type of shape in the movie, and it was supposed to be in the last years of the 19th century. (movie name - the rise of a legend) But the ones they used in the movie was a Celadon version of this one. I know with action movies they are not 100% accurate with some stuff, so it Still it looks way to suspicious like you guys mention. I will be careful with this one.

Thank you both.