A cool lotus flower water dropper

Started by heavenguy, Mar 15, 2017, 08:41:33

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This is a weird looking water dropper. I have seen a bunch online but don't know if this is the real deal. The pottery is very slim and the painting is just amazing.  I ignore what the calligraphy says. I have no idea on this one.

Thank you in advance.


I think as a water dropper it is impractical, the shape looks like the water would spill out of the bowl before it would come out of the spout and the writing is to black, no fading at all, I think this could be republic period, I have never seen one like this myself.


These crop up now and then. They are usually like this one, made in memory of some event. And it says "memorial cup", so not a dropper. It says 9th year Guangxu, but I have some doubts. Those I have seen were all made in the early 20th century or were later copies. This item looks old, but the condition of the black writing could mean that the latter was added later. Usually we should expect some abrasion of the black characters in old items, from handling.


I have seen different versions of this too. The reason why I say it is a water dropper is because that is the only keywords that have worked for me when searching for it.

I also have found some that says the 8th year of guangxu or even the 20th and such. I don't know if it was for something special. I was looking at a documentary that Empress Dowager  was the one who started giving commemoration porcelain and stuff. I'm not saying its imperial ware or something like that but maybe someone started this tradition in the Guangxu reign.

Yes the cup or whatever it is, the calligraphy looks in great shape. Actually the painting looks good too. But it maybe because it was inside a box full of tissue paper. I don't know if it never left the box or not but looks like something that the person who collected it took really god care of it. Some of this stuff wasn't even on display according to the estate sale organizer, it was in boxes stored away in a  closet. They say they are going to have another sale next week with the other half stuff they collected.


Okey, according to some auctions sites.

"stem forming a spout glazed in lime green and stippled in black, inscribed '34th year of Guangxu', corresponding to 1908, and describes the cup as a souvenir of the autumn military exercise in the vicinity of Tai Hu in Anhui Province, with presentation box. "

So if this one says the 9th then I understand what will be the problem. I'll try to dig more on this and see whats going on...