pentangular fencai Jiaqing?? Bowl

Started by heavenguy, Jan 15, 2017, 08:36:03

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Here is another Jiaqing bowl???

It seems that it has the same strong teal color than the other bowl. this one feels a little bit more pastel in colors.

The mark seems less complicated and more clumsy. The sticker says is also Jiaqing even with the Qianglong mark. In My opinion it looks more like a tongzhi bowl. but that's just me saying.

Thank you in advance.


Hi heavenguy, I think that this is late Qing to early republic judging by the mark and the colors.


I think you are very right on the Republic period. i was reading that they have like tons of versions of this on that era.

Thank you for your observation.


It could be new. The enamels are too clean. The yellow is off. The turquoise doesn't look like a Republic turquoise. I don't see any sign of aging.


Hi, I'd be swaying towards modern on this one, certainly no earlier than 1960. The foot rim is wrong and the whole package shouts out mass production. The enamels have been poorly applied with only very little effort put into the seal script and butterflies. It reminds me of modern enough pieces coming out of Macao possibly imitating straits porcelain of the latter part of the 19th century. I believe the standard of artistry on this piece to be too poor for the Republic period.


I guess you guys are right... I was looking at some examples online and it does seem like it lacks the quality of the republic era. Thank you for your time all.