Qinglong vase

Started by heavenguy, Mar 09, 2017, 19:41:52

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Someone is selling this online.

What are you guys thoughts? The auction house stickers add provenance but not sure about the enamels.

Thank you in advance.



There is one very similar at Sotheby's butwih a Jiaqing mark. This one has the darker enamels.


Wow, someone paid the 6.5k dollars for it really really quick.


Something dodgy about that foot rim for a Qianlong piece to me.

Did you say it was Qianlong?


Yes, I tried to say Qianlong.

The vase caught my attention since the quality of the vase seems decent. It was on buy it now and best offer but once I asked in here it sold for for a buy it now price of 6.5k.

It may not been a T&P vase but maybe a Republic Period one but they still hold value. But whatever it was it's already out of my reach now.


Yes ,Its a very nice piece , immaculately decorated with the Spinks label sticker , I think the piece is stunning , not Mark and period for me but 20th century .

6.5k is a lot of money but with the prices the way they are for top quality who am I to say.


(I would suggest to read the part in the forum guidelines concerning posting pictures not owned by the poster again.)

And I agree with carlyoung. That foot rim makes it look like late Qing or later to me too. That combined with an imperial mark would make it a problem item to me that I would not touch.


Thank you both. I thank you very much for your posts.

I'm sorry about posting the images there was no bad intention behind it. I was only looking for an opinion before buying, if. I once had a bad experience and hired someone to give me an opinion on something from eBay (not gonna say the company but that was like 3 years ago ). I'm pretty sure the person who I asked to appraise the piece bought the piece. So thats why I stoped giving out links from eBay. I know this is not the case from people from the forum, but other people outside the forum can see the link.  But I'll won't post pics from eBay I promise. Anyways...

I'm enjoying the world of Republic period or cultural revolution pieces, they are more common than earlier examples. I learned over time that there are quite a lot of very valuable pieces out there that imitate older pieces. The Auction house tickets are nice clues for provenance (although they also can be faked or don't justify for a real piece) . I know the chances of finding a real Imperial piece is closer to 0%  but It's nice to keep an eye for republic or cultural pieces that imitate those pieces.


i am not sure but i feel like a imperial yellow vase like that would be worth 65k to 650k or more, if it were real and from the Qianlong period and so on. but for an imitation piece, 6.5k could be a good price i guess. if it's hand painted and such. most of us have seen that youtube video that peter i believe posted. were they showed us those workshops where they make imitation pieces. requires a lot of work and talent too if handmade.