Imperial yellow. Tongzhi mark

Started by Claudio, Dec 20, 2016, 19:12:54

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What should be similar with the item at the link? Except that it has a four character Tongzhi mark and a yellow background all is different. It is impossible to tell from such pictures at the given link is authentic, but even if it is, we would not be able to tell, most likely. This plate would be imperial ware, made for the wedding of the Tongzhi emperor. Careful with items using this decoration. There are lots of fakes using it.

I agree with what was already said, the vase does not look as if its quality would be sufficient for imperial ware.


Hi Peter, I'm certainly convinced it's unlikely that my vase could be imperial. I've posted the link with the intention of comparing the two four characters marks, so similar in the handwriting feature to lead to think a possible correspondence of time or even of author. I read that the tonghzi mark is infrequently couterfeited, mainly the six character one, so I hoped at least in a possible M&P. But I'm convinced of your opinion. Thank you for your patience and expertise.