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Started by Claudio, Dec 19, 2016, 18:25:12

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Hi Peter snd Stan,
I'm more confident about this brush holder. H cm. 12. Unidentified mark.
Thank you for your time.




The right part of the mark looks as if it says Tongzhi, but the left is unknown to me.
Anyway, the painting style could correspond to about Guangxu period, but I am not sure if this of the period or a good fake or a somewhat later item. The problem I see is with the base. It looks too pristine for an item of the period, and the foot rim has a rounded connection to the base, instead a corner. That can usually be attributed to a later time, possibly a molded item rather than thrown.


The internal corner is not sharp but not even as rounded as it appears in the photo. In the upper part of the image, where the internal rim is overshadowed, you can see a thin glare right by the connection. When I'll be back to my place I'll try to post a better image. Thank you Peter for your detailed analysis and answer.