Large pair of 20th century vases

Started by carlyoung, Dec 18, 2016, 18:55:43

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I have this pair of large Chinese Jingdezhen porcelain vases , I always have trouble differentiating many marks from the 20th century and I was wondering if anyone could give me an approximate dating on them.

I would best guess 1950's-1970's



Pictures of the base


Hi Carlyoung, I agree with your assessment of age, I would think on the later side, the decoration is printed and then painted in and the foot rim looks modern.


Hi Stan

Yes , the decoration is printed and coloured in , I always find these kind of marks with the -n- or -9- under the 'made in China' mark , I always assume them as mid 20th century or thereabouts .


If I remember right, the number or letter under it actually tells you what factory it came from.  Basically all the private factories were nationalized, and if I remember right, all the same product (since they were mass produced) would have the same number or letter on it. 

I think all of them that do have the number or letter on it came from the 70s-80s.


Thanks mate , yeah I have read the same info , I think the info we have received is cloudy tbh , certain factories used certain letters or numbers , I have a piece with the letter -n- and that piece is from the 1950's , I don't think they can be younger than that date .

That's why I put an approximate dating of 1950's through to 1970's .

just a gut feeling.


I think in the early 50s they were still consolidating the private factories into state factories, that might be a little too early.  I think the 50s-60s ones if they are state factories usually say something like Jiangxi Jingdezhen Min Ci #. 

Which piece do you have from the 50s?  I think I have a 60s piece and at least parts of it were still hand painted. 

On Gothenburg, they do have a few pieces that have Made in China and = # =, marks that he dates to the 50s or the Cultural Rev...  but I think in general, you should assume they are late quarter of the 20th.


Hi I have a ginger jar in red with ogee cartouches with a letter n or d , As i said I think this is a grey area because you hear different stories about the letters meaning also the starting of use of these letters.