Japanese little pot

Started by Mathieu2400, Nov 25, 2016, 01:59:50

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Hello everybody,

I wanted to have your opinion on this item i have.
It's a small pot. The height is 9 cm.
My chinese girlfriend says that the mark on the bottom may be japanese, so i post in the japanese items section of the forum.

Unfortunately, there is a litlle breach on the upper part. An the lid seems to be repaired too.
Otherwise, the pot looks good. The porcelaine is very thin and light.

I hope you can say me more about this object. Thanks in advance.



More pictures ;)


The Japanese do not use such marks, normally. But many Chinese can not read the zhuanti characters of such marks because they are in an archaic writing style.


Ah ok, so it is chinese.
As my girlfriend couldn't read it, she concluded wrongly that it was japanese. I will tell her :)

Do you think it could be old or it's a recently made object ?