Started by Teunis van Eijk, Nov 24, 2016, 06:27:42

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Teunis van Eijk


I found this celadon bowl and like to know if someone could tell me more about this object.



Hi Teunis van eijk, I think this is Japanese by the shape and the stilt marks on the bottom, could you post a photo of the mark on the bottom, a close up, thanks.


I would recommend not to purchase anything with such a glaze. This item is imitating a Ru glaze. Ru wares were fired with stilts, thus the unglazed support points. The mark is suspect. As far as I know they had no marks, and any inscriptions on the bottom may have been made on demand for the imperial collection in the Qing dynasty.
Ru wares were made in the Song dynasty and are "rare". Don't even think about getting one. Only 65 authentic pieces are known today.

Their location, from a note in my scrap book:
Taipei Palace Museum (23)
Peking Palace Museum (17)
Shanghai Museum (8)
Perceival David Foundation (7)
American, Japanese museum collections and with private collectors (10)

Anything you encounter outside is fake.
Consider this - according to a business periodical in Taiwan the value of one of those would be sufficient to build another palace museum.

Teunis van Eijk

Thanks Peter,

They are off my list now.