Daoguang coral red vase

Started by Teunis van Eijk, Nov 20, 2016, 20:57:51

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Teunis van Eijk

Hello experts,

I like to know your expert opinion on this Coral red Daoguang vase.
The bottom ring looks very clean for a 170 year old vase.
It measures 29 cm.

Best regards,
Teunis van Eijk


What you have could be top quality, but it is almost impossible to check this without hands-on. There are limits to evaluation by picture. Imperial and other high quality wares can not be evaluated this way.
BTW, this type of red is not what is called coral red. The latter is more resembling an orange-red color.

Teunis van Eijk

Thanks Peter,

My friend (Chinese collector) told me the same. Just wanted to double check.

Teunis van Eijk


I can see a bat in front, is there one on the back and sides as well? also the turquoise color I think on a period piece would be a darker turquoise color.


Your turquoise blue color looks Republic. Rare and expensive Daoguang and earlier Qing porcelains have various shades of greenish turquoise. The blue turquoise objects have darker shades of robin's egg color.

Teunis van Eijk

Hello All,

The vase is not mine. It was on offer at an auction house. I have done a hands-on inspection yesterday and immediately noticed that it is a reproduction (fake). The borders between the different collours were not sharp as it will be on an imperial vase. Actually the whole paint work was not done very well.  I do however think that the turquoise was very much like that on imperial wares. My wife and I were convinced that this vase was a fake item. It did however sell via the internet for ? 4.680,- likely to a person that can afford to take the risk of buying items from a picture. There were some other Chinese collectors in the room that neglected the vase also and that made us pretty sure in the end that we made the right decision.

Thanks and best regards,
Teunis van Eijk


Imperial porcelain is rare. It's like winning the lottery to find one. I've never seen an Imperial Daoguang with that type of turquoise color. There are subtle shades. Being very much like it is not enough. Non-imperial doesn't mean it's fake either. Good hommage pieces are going up in value.