Fencai Pulse Pillow

Started by heavenguy, Nov 17, 2016, 02:41:59

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Hello, i bought this pulse pillow (See I'm learning) the other day but not really sure about it. The enamel colors are not that thick. It has some buddhist symbols and the plant on the middle I don't know what it is. The porcelain it's not that smooth and it actually looks like it has little wrinkles.

Any information on this will be of much appreciate it.


more pics


last pics. I don't know if the wrinkles can be see on last photo

thank you


Looks unused, otherwise the fencai decoration might have been rubbed a bit. But everything, colors and the wavy glaze point to late Qing dynasty, about Guangxu period. Nice piece.


Thank you PeterP. I'm glad I made the right call.