Embarrassed first post asking for vase mark identification

Started by evilchaosmonkey, Nov 16, 2016, 02:46:39

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Evening folks,

And as a brand new member (slightly) embarrassed to admit I joined for your help.

I have spent many an hour over the last few years trying to identify this mark and utterly failed.  Don't want to go to a dealer only to have to walk away sheepishly as it turns out it says "Happy holiday camp 1956".

Will value the small vase it is on for it's looks alone - just want to know how scared of damage I need to be.
So can you please tell me what on earth it means?  Unsure even of which way up the mark should be (and apologies for the rotation).


I think it means "Jiangxi Jingdezhen Reputable Porcelain" factory 5. or something like that. Probably from the 50's... look up the mark on gotheborg....


you are right about it being made in the 1950's. here i have a link for you where you see many more similar marks www.gotheborg.com/~gothebor/marks/jjmc.shtml . its an common Jingdezhen factory mark. apparently it means "Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ming Ci (Jiangxi Jingdezhen Reputable Porcelain)".  also i feel like you used google translate? because i am not entirely sure what you mean with the last parts. and the mark is showed correctly.


Wow that was fast and many many thanks to you all.

Looks like my gut instinct of the 1950's was right and can relax about the kids breaking it.

It is nice though, I'll give it that much.

Once again many thanks indeed.


You really should show the rest of the vase, with pictures of the bottom, some pieces from that period could have a high collectors value.


Lol Mythical... Just by a minute.

I agree with Stan. Sometimes, porcelain from those eras can be quite expensive. Happened to me while getting rid of a couple of bowls pieces on eBay. I thought they were useless and ended up selling them for almost $3k for just 1... It was a big surprise for me. I think if the porcelain piece looks quality made then you should think twice about it.


3k for just one bowl? Are you sure it was not something you did not realize was much older, or made by a famous artisan?


Hey PeterP,

I don't know if you remember a couple of rice bowls I bought in the beginning of the year. I thought they were republic period but it had a cyclical date of 1959. The decoration was very crisp and it looked like new. I was kind of sad so I decided to collect just one and auction the other one on eBay.  A person from China was very persistent that I should put a buy it now on the bowl. I declined and let the time run out. The last day of the auction It went from $800 to $2900. Still have the other bowl so I'm glad. It was probably from a famous artist or something like that. At the end, the buyer tried to scam me out of the money but I ended up winning the claim.

If the item looks high quality I try to buy it no matter if it looks new. I have seen a few pieces on eBay with the Zhongguo (China) Jingdezhen mark sell for hundreds of dollars and they look quite new. I'm guessing they were made by a famous artist or something like that. I guess the market in China is very different from the rest of the world.