B/W Plum Cylindrical vase

Started by heavenguy, Nov 15, 2016, 08:30:24

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Hello,  I found this plum vase. I also always wanted one for my collection and usually the ones I find are modern reproductions. Unfortunely the one I found is broken and very badly glue together. Still it costed one dollar and it will satisfy my addiction to chinese porcelain until i found one in good shape. My question is that if this is 20th century or late 19th century??? The foot rim and shape seems like some type of 20th century. Color of porcelain is really white. it shows kind flaws. It is almost 6 inches tall.

any help will be highly appreciate it.


more pics


last pics


We separate here between Qing and early republic. The Qing dynasty ended in 1911, and the styles, etc. are largely the same before this. No immediate break or change of styles or decorations post 1900, although some polychrome decorations happen to have gained momentum at about that time.
Looks like a Guangxu prunus piece to me. Depending on its size it could be a brush holder.


Thank you Peterp. I learned a lot today.