B/W glazed 4 handle pot

Started by heavenguy, Nov 10, 2016, 03:35:20

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Hello, I bought this pot that was turned into a lamp. it has 4 handles and a very short spout. It looks old and it shows some Kiln flaws. The color of the porcelain it's white but with a kind of grayish tint. The glaze it's very shiny.  The foot rim shows it shows it was turned in a wheel and and it was cut by a knife.  I don't know if this is normal or not.

Is this ming??? or maybe a more modern reproduction. Thank you in advance.


more photos


last photo


Hi heavenguy,

I used to encounter one of these once. I think it might be a 'keulse pot' which is like a german stone jar used to conserve vegetables etc.


I believe that this is a Ming water pot or jar but it has ben reglazed, from my understanding items like these were made in large quantity and therefor they are not that collectable, and so they are redecorated  to make them look more desirable for the tourist trade, some of them were left unglazed and glazed at a later date.


Late Ming to early Qing. We usually assume that these jars with small, short spouts are oil jars.


Thanks Peter, I have a couple of them, so they were used for oil, that is interesting.


Thank  you both.. Nice to be learning a lot about this.