Small blue and white vase

Started by Stan, Nov 01, 2016, 12:58:14

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Here is another auction item that I won awhile back, I am still trying to get good pictures but this is close, maybe a little on the bright side, maybe over exposure, this vase is 20.9 cm high, for its size it is heavy and the white ground does not have a blueish tone, the foot rim is also very white, the decoration is flat to the touch and very smooth to the touch, could this be Kangxi or wishful thinking? I will post 6 photo's, to view, thanks for viewing.


Here is the other three photo's to view, thanks again.


Yes Stan, this is wishful thinking, I'm afraid.
This is typical Guangxu export. The double ring mark is as frequent on Guangxu as it is on Kangxi porcelain. The shape of this item can be frequently seen in Guangxu export.


Thanks Peter, I figured so, I thought the unglazed porcelain on the foot was a little to dense.