Porcelain brush pot

Started by heavenguy, Nov 01, 2016, 05:57:44

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I saw this really nice brush pot online today. I always wanted to collect a piece like this but no luck. I know I must be very careful with items online but from time to time you get lucky.

I was wondering what is your opinion on this piece. It signed Kangxi but looks newer probably from Kangxi revival late Qing. I'm not really sure about the color only for late qing or republic. Any help will be of much help.


more pics


you meant Qianlong seal mark on the bottom.  as you said yourself, you need to watchout with purchasing items on the internet. this would be quite valuable if real. maybe if it's from a big auction house or something else similar that you can trust, then you could consider it. but on ebay for example its full with qianlong seal marked pieces, that most of the time are fake.


tnx mate... I'll think I'll wait until I'm sure of something.


well unless someone else on here says you should get it i am not that big of an expert. it just dont find it feel right.


The foot rim has been made to look dirty. An old trick to give the appearance of age.


Thank you both. I guess there is no point of buying a fake. One day I will find an affordable one.