3 Chinese porcelain lids ?

Started by Scripps, Oct 22, 2016, 02:58:07

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Are these lids? Any use to anyone? Any info?


Another photo


Last photo


I do not recognize the decoration of the right one, but the mark "Wanfu Youtong" is late Ming dynasty. The top one could be Wanli by the decoration, that is also late Ming. The left one shows some signs of Dehua, but is it straight inside, or slanted?
The shape seems to be that of late Ming jar lids. Owners of Ming jars might be interested as replacements, as many jar lids were lost or damaged. There are some people who collect mainly lids for resale to this purpose.


Hi Scripps, in my experience from talking to collectors and appraisers, jars without lids can loose up to 50% of their value, that would make your lids very collectable to the right collector.