Dehua Guanyin - old or not?

Started by Mat, Oct 06, 2016, 17:39:02

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I have this small Dehua figure of Guanyin, it is 13.5 cm tall. Do you think it is old? The bottom is rather unusual for Dehua figures, but on the other hand it does not look new to me!
Thank you!, Mat


Just to add, I have found similar pieces on the Chinese internet, one in a museum, and they were all dated to the Qing dynasty. Would you think that is right?


Hi Mat,
I'm afraid this is not a Dehua item. A closed bottom with a small hole is usually a sign for Japanese figurines.
Chinese figurines made by Dehua kiln have an open bottom. The interior of Dehua items is normally one of the features checked when evaluating age.


Thank you Peter, I will check the Japanese option!