Iron Candle Holder/ Lantern with Tokugawa Symbol

Started by smak, Sep 27, 2016, 22:20:18

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Hi guys!

Need your assistance! What are your thoughts on this piece? It is missing covers and one of them is damaged.

When was this made?
Did it belong to the Tokugawa Clan?
Is this Authentic?



The quality is not what you would see on imperial ware and the green looks artificial to me from these photo's.


These are bronze, not Iron, iron rusts where as bronze oxidizes green over time.


Another thing that is important, Imperial ware used the best craftsmen for their items, in my opinion real imperial bronze would have used mixed metals, this was one thing that at the time was mostly used in Japan, they somehow were able to mix bronze, silver, gold, copper, brass together and to this day some of their techniques are unknown as to how they did it.


That is a good point, since their silver/ gold samurai coins are mixed metals as well!

Thanks again Stan!