HELP! Late Ming - Early Qing? Jar with Foo Dog Lid!

Started by smak, Sep 27, 2016, 07:08:47

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Hi all!

I'm still in the process of learning Chinese porcelain!

When was this made?
Is this Authentic?

Many Thanks!!!


More pics!


This is a Chinese sweet pea pattern Bowl Covered Jar, like early 19th century to half century piece. The Lid has a slight different color than the jar. I always wonder that myself in some of my pieces. I know in in some ming pieces they used to do the lids on a different part than the actual piece but I'm no really sure if that happen in the 19th century.


Thanks heavenguy!

Would you say this Jar is common and easy to find?

I also found it odd that the lids are different colors as well!


I seen similar pieces with Jian Ding seals (Export marks), so they are probably common. They are common online. They are somewhat hard to find in estate sales and antique malls, but you find them. I usually find one every 6 months on local estate sales but it depends were you live, I guess.


This decoration is usually attributed to the Jiaqing/Daoguang period, but it was probably made throughout the late Qing dynasty. Replacements of any lids are common. The lids are most easily dropped and damaged. Often a similar looking made of porcelain is used, but some items get fit with wooden replacement lids.


Thanks guys!! The information is very much appreciated!!

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Thanks again very much!!