Republic period or cultural revolution vase?

Started by heavenguy, Sep 25, 2016, 08:04:03

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Hello i found this really neat vase in which I don't know if it is a Republic period or cultural revolution vase? I won it on an auction of a millionaire person house here in texas. Everyone was interested in buying rolex and porches but i got this for only $30 dollars. I think I got lucky that none one bid on this type of items.

Anyways, The vase it's really huge and heavy and has a really nice ring. shows some wear but nothing big. Everything was in a very fine condition.

Cultural revolution items I know they usually put persons in green military outfits and Mao in some part or at least reference in text. The other person doing the victory sign has a Mongolian hat but the outfit looks modern and expensive. So I know this is nothing traditional Chinese shape or form, or even subject so that is out of the rule. Only the text and mark can give me some type of clue but wouln't find any similar ones. Everything is hand painted and the mark also.

Thank you in advance for any information provided.


more pics


mark pics and foot


The mark says "Revolutionary Committe of Sichuan Province", 1972.
This should answer all regarding age or period.


Cultural revolution it is ... Thank you Peterp.