Help in identifying chinese plate, any info would be great

Started by Robmc, Aug 29, 2016, 01:36:49

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I have a chinese plate that I know very little about, it's approx 6 1/4" in diameter .
There are flaws in the glaze
I'm not sure if it's hand painted or a print? , you can feel the picture through the glaze?
It has six symbols on the base,  I have searched online and the only one I can find is the top right one that I believe means GREAT?
Please see the pics attached

Any info on this page would be great,
Thanks in advance,


Its transfer ware and it looks recent. overall feel very modern. probably even 21st century.


The mark says Dai Nippon " Made in Japan". and it is transfer ware, and could indeed be 21st century.


Hi, thanks for the replies,
I didn't realise it was Japanese
It's a shame is a modern piece.
Many thanks,


Thanks so much for your reply...I was loosing hope someone would know it.
Still...I cant find any image/info about it