Blue Monochrome Brush Washer

Started by kardinalisimo, Aug 27, 2016, 12:37:35

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Any suggestions on the age?


It's beautiful but from what I've heard these swirls in the bottom always mean they're relatively new.


Thanks for the reply. The swirls are bothering me too. It has some wear but hard to tell vintage from antique.


The brown color is indicative of newer items too.


So, those are pretty solid rules, browned base and swirl always mean newer? By newer we mean post Republic, right?


The bottom on this looks to uniform to be turned, I bet this was moulded and the swirl was artificially put in the mould to give the appearance of being turned and then the brown was added to make it look old, even the  conocial feet are not traditional, 21st century I think.