Chinese vase 19 inches tall

Started by Stobaksov, Aug 23, 2016, 00:31:01

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Hello. Vase height is 19 1/4 inches. Tell me, please, style, period and an inscription.
Thank you.


Hi Stobaksov, sorry to say, I think this is new, the foot rim is not a traditional foot rim.


Thanks for the answer. I thought it was a replica, but do not know what kind of years. 1970-80's or 2000-10's. You will be able to translate the inscription on the bottom?
Thank you for your time.


First of all it does not look like any mark I have seen and second, the mark is on top of the glaze, I would stay away from such items.


It says I believe ?????? or ??????.  If you search on google you can find out a little more using Chinese resources.  The first link I clicked on, stated that the piece was a fake porcelain pillow though...  Other pieces I looked at looked also fake.