Old Chinese bowl with interesting shape

Started by onlinetv, Aug 20, 2016, 05:06:43

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I am trying to date and get the name off the bottom of this piece. I am sending photos of top, side and bottom.

I bought this in Peking in 1981 from the government shop.



This is basically the shape of an offerings bowl or tray.
While the shape is traditional, the colors look newer. Either it was new when you bought it or an older porcelain body was over-painted with the current colors.


I am pretty good with ceramics and the art of glazes and oven cooking. This does not have an over color.

I was looking for a translation of the chop on the bottom. It is either manufacturer or artist. Do you have any idea? Can someone do the translation?

I do appreciate the take on an offering bowl.


The mark reads "Yuefeng". That you bought it at a government shop has no meaning at all in view to authenticity or age. The wax seal just means that you can export it. The glaze is not the problem regarding age. This item uses chemical colors which are different from the mineral pigments used on antiques.