Ming vase, fake?

Started by wk, Aug 11, 2016, 21:22:22

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Bought this very nice vase that this time has some vertical ribs I have never seen before. The dragon has only 3 claws and the phoenix looks different. The bottom could be made to look old? Also the foot where the glaze ends looks really sharply cut, perhaps like it was cut after glazing, or maybe just a very thin layer applied?


It's 18cm high, 7 inches.


I must defer to Peter, but the base does look artificially aged. They are even faking rust spots on the porcelain now.


Such a bottom means virtually always that it is a fake. This is especially the case if it is this brown color is present.
I know of no traditional Chinese jars which have so many ribs. Always be clear that such jars were meant for storing something, thus they would be made with a lid, which in turn means the neck should be round.


Ok I see, thank you.
They sure put a lot of effort in it, I noticed today there's 2 thick ribs and then 1 thin one, repeating all the way around.