Large Green Satsuma Vase

Started by bokaba, Aug 06, 2016, 00:57:19

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This is a large Satsuma vase with a faded green background and floral decoration. It is about 18 inches. I would think early 20th Century (1900-1920s).




Not because it looks Japanese and it has a crackling effect it means it Satsuma. To be consider Satsuma the product must be from the Satsuma region of what is today southern Ky?sh?. Not even Kinkozan pottery its Satsuma ware since it was made in Kyoto, but most people consider it Satsuma ware. It's kind of like Murano glass. Not every piece that looks like Murano its from Murano Italy or consider a Murano.

This piece has some age but to tell you the truth this piece could be from anywhere.


It almost looks French like Limoges porcelain, I wonder if it could be Japanese export to france, the bow tie decoration is a typical Japanese design, looks like 1st quarter of the 20th century.