Started by kardinalisimo, Aug 03, 2016, 13:20:00

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Don't know if Chinese, Japanese, Korean ... or just a studio piece made who knows where ..
The pot appears to have been made in a mold as there are visible seams so I guess it is recent. Never seen celadon glaze just on the interior. I guess the exterior glaze/finish is supposed to simulate zisha clay?
Any thoughts?


This looks like a Korean shape and Koran celadon crackle glaze ware. probably some modern studio ware from Korea but it has no signature so that makes me wonder. The yixing clay its dark because of the iron in the composition so it has really darker colors. This one is white. The impurities you see are probably from the yellowish glazed that got transfer to the white.


Thanks for your reply. I'll look into modern Korean pieces.
I'm not saying this is yixing clay but just that the surface texture looks similar to zisha clay. By the way, is not "earth" yixing, not the one from the rocks, before being mixed with other ingredients, has a natural white color?


Not really sure about that mate, Only thing I know is that if it has Iron Oxide in the composition it usually has darker colors. I read that Zisha clay contains Kaolin, and quartz those can be light in color but the Iron oxide depending on the amount, turns them into a lot of different colors. But you are right, The pot has this kind of sandy texture to it so yeah it kind of looks like some type of zisha clay.


I think this could have been made anywhere.