Qianlong vase?

Started by wk, Aug 02, 2016, 01:46:16

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I found this small nicely decorated vase but am doubtful about the period.
The seal mark is also different then usual, it has a 4 character zhuanshu mark, does anyone know if that was that ever used?

Thank you!


Usually 4 character marks are from late qing replicas but for some reason this seems a lot newer. the glaze its very shiny and i can't see the foot rim right but looks out of the period too.


This is a later fake, I'm afraid. First, the shape is no traditional Chinese shape. Then, the decoration band below the banana leafs (what I call whirls) is in pairs. If this were Qing dynasty teyh should be interconnected all around.


Amazing, I didn't even notice that. Got a lot to learn.
Thank you both!