Tongzhi spoons???

Started by heavenguy, Jul 31, 2016, 06:04:56

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I found 3 spoons with a nice hand painted cricket on them. The extra I think its very new, probably mid-century?

With the set of 3 spoons I found few online that says that they are Tongzhi period but with a different red mark. Strange thing is that I cannot find the mark for this spoons. Also the ones I saw online have a pink flower where the blue flower is on mines.  Do you think that this are a Guangxu version of the Tongzhi ones?

Thank you in advance.


also one spoon is a little different than the other two. Different color on the cricket and some patterns. I still believe they are from the same set.



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The spoon with the boy is new, not mid-century. The rest is late Qing as you said.