Vase with Birds and Cherry Blossom

Started by bokaba, Jul 31, 2016, 00:28:52

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This vase is decorated with birds and cherry blossoms. It is about 10 inches tall and is marked "CPO" with another illegible mark in Japanese. CPO is central purchasing office in occupied Japan, so I think this would date to the end of WWII up until the early 50s. Any thoughts?



Nice vase, I think your right on age, I am not that familiar though with things marked CPO, thanks for sharing, I have seen similar decoration at Antique shows, occupied Japan is very collectible but the ceramics that I am used to seeing is marked "Occupied Japan.


Thanks Stan. Gotheborg says that CPO was put on wares sold on military bases in occupied Japan to soldiers and their families not instead of for export or sale to tourists. In my line of work CPO usually stands for criminal protective order...