Pair of Blue Satsuma Vases

Started by bokaba, Jul 23, 2016, 05:59:43

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Pair of light blue gradient Satsuma vases with designs of flowers and branches. The bottoms are marked with numbers, probably factory patterns. I think second quarter of the 20th Century (1925-1950), does that sound right?




Hi Bokaba, I could not find the mark in my books, but I do have a Kinkozan vase with same colors and very similar design, which dates to late 19th century to early 20th, yours is not Kinkozan but looks like it could have been influenced by kinkozan, I would say on your vases 1st half of the 20th century either 20's or 30's.


Thanks Stan. I noticed one is shorter than the other and it appears the foot was ground off at some point. Probably to hide a chip.


Also, looks like the one vase reads ??? "right 3, 6 or 36" but missing the 10 placeholder ?. The other looks like ?? perhaps. Probably factory patterns, but odd that they are the same vase with different patterns.


Taizan used to make this style of Satsuma ware. During the end of the Meiji period and into Taisho, Taizan decorated blanks from Kinkozan studios.  He also used to hand paint the bottom mark like this.

now I think that this was part of a much bigger set, meaning that the vase that has the right 3, has to be the third item on the right. If you see the other vase that as a single mark. For some reason I think the person somehow erased the mark and tried his best to replicate the left sign character but failed, probably as you guys mentioned, he cut the foot rim for some reason. probably did something to the original mark too. Now the quality for me it's not there. Maybe someone tried to replicate the set. But who knows???