Kangxi mark on Guangxu vase?

Started by wk, Jul 22, 2016, 16:54:25

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This 4 character mark was only used in the Guangxu period if I'm not mistaking.

Does this small vase look like that period though? Does it have any value if it's a reproduction done in the Guangxu period?

I also wonder about the calligraphy, looks like a bad or rush job.


I assume this vase is fairly small? I would recommend to provide either a full picture for the shape (normally), but can you here add one showing the base shape from the side. The foot rim is somewhat dependent on the base in late Qing wares. Also, a picture of the decoration where the flags are. We need to see decoration details to check if it is Qing at all too.


Thank you Peter, I hope this helps.
Sorry about the low quality, I intend to buy a new camera soon.
Yes it is small, 19,5cm/7.6 inches.


Yes, probably Guangxu. The brown color is actually underglaze red.


So it's Guangxu with a Kangxi mark. Does anyone know to which extend does that influence the value? Because basically this is still a reproduction now right?


It most likely is late Qing export porcelain, not a fake.


There is a very high difference in value since one was made for use and the other one was made to honor old pieces. You can look value around the internet to have an idea. We don't discuss value in here.