Tongzhi vase?

Started by Sherry, Jul 21, 2016, 07:47:31

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Purchased this vase at a storage room sale.  Any information would be helpful.


I'm afraid this is a fake. The colors and painting style used point to the second half of the 20th century. I am yet to see a base with an indentation like this in traditional Chinese porcelain. Marks are usually in the center, and the mark character style are not exactly those used in the Tongzhi reign. There is never any number (like 27) found on antique Chinese porcelain.


Thank you.  I wondered about the number on the bottom.  Glad it was a bargain!


Peter, is the indentation in the base from being molded?


No idea, normally that should not be required with molding. Maybe they did that with a thought of selling them for lamp stands, so the making the hole is easier?