Small Stoneware Bowl

Started by kardinalisimo, Jul 17, 2016, 12:38:50

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I don't know what that it, neither if it is Asian at all.
But maybe I can use some general ceramic knowledge. I wonder why is the rim so rough? I don't think that it was chipped with the time as I see small glaze drops on it. I guess due to the shape and the full glaze, the piece was fired upside down. But the glaze did not run on the rim so I guess the piece could not have stuck to the kiln shelf so it had to be knocked off.
Any thoughts?


Could be anything, even studio ware.


Beautiful glaze, I know that the Japanese did special glazes for Tea bowl and ceremonial and etc, but I do not know much about them, it is not something I collect, but the old Japanese wares of this kind can fetch a pretty high price at the high auctions, its worth getting an expert to look at it.


Thanks for the replies.
As Peter said it could be anything.
I doubt that this is a bowl for consuming with unglazed and rough rim. Maybe a brush washer? I even thought it could be a lid to something.


My guess is that this was made to show off his glaze as an example, I do not think it would be used for a brush pot because of the shape, it just would not work because of the round bottom shape, the top is unglazed because it was fired upside down on the lip.