Jiaqing vase?

Started by wk, Jul 16, 2016, 00:35:38

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It's almost 20inches tall and I really like this one, but the pink elephants on the sides seem off. Perhaps so is the rest? Sorry for the bad pictures.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not Jiaqing period. But I'll defer to Stan and Peter.


Pink elephants on Chinese pottery, lol!! Yeah thats a bad sign alright. My best guess is second half of 20th century. Maybe even newer. 


I guess it's a fake. Just read somewhere during the Jiaqing period the red seal mark was mainly used, or the 4 character kaishu script. This one has all 6 characters.
Did find some elephants on other items though..


The shape is wrong and the enameling quality is nowhere near the Jiaqing period. Here is a Jiaqing mark and period that sold at Sotheby's for $173,000.



Some of the colors, like the bright blue on the two bowl are a chemical color, were used in the 20th century, I am not sure if they were used during the republic period " 1912 to 1949, maybe by 1949 but I am not sure, Peter would be better to answer that question? However the shape is a bit unusual, not traditional as Bokaba has already mentioned, I would say this is on the later side of the 20th century. A very nice decorative vase though.


I would also think about mid to late 20th century.  Please note the helter-skelter arrangement of objects is sometimes also a sign of faking or more recent items. Generally, the color combination looks 20th century. The decoration on the neck, for example, is not painted very neat, compared to that on the Sothebys' auction item. And the mark should really be zhuanshu style if it were of the period.