Qianglong round Box

Started by heavenguy, Jul 15, 2016, 02:47:10

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Hello, I saw this box online and really liking it.

Now I'm always weary of items sold online but I really like the looks of this box. Still, I want to buy real things not fakes or modern pieces.

you guys think this is a real Qing piece??? Thank you in advance.


extra pic


I'm afraid this is a real fake. Six character Kangxi mark and five claw dragon. The glaze, foot rim and mark are of too low a quality to be Qing. The foot rim alone makes anything before the 20th century virtually impossible.


Thank you peterp, you saved me of spending a few bucks on it.  Thank you so much... I still need to learn more about 3 color ware.


Peter, is that because the foot rim is rounded?
It does indeed look nice heavenguy, I probably would have bought it then checked ;)


I keep on making some few mistakes now and then. It's better to be sure what you are buying before buying so you can avoid having a house full of mistakes that no one will want to buy. I learned the hard way... O.o!