Qianlong Double Walled Lattice Porcelain Vase

Started by heavenguy, Jul 13, 2016, 01:44:28

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I bought this one and I think it's pretty nice vase. I don't believe it's a Qianglong period vase but still a nice looking vase so I bought it. It's repaired.

You guys think this vase it's 21st century or maybe 20th??? It is really heavy and really well done.

Thank you in advance!!!


more pics



Hi Heavenguy, I think 21 century, I saw another one almost identical reticulated design that was Japanese on E-bay.


Hey Stan,

I think they are trying to imitate a "Double walled lattice vase, China, Qianlong period," they auction at liveauctioneers.

I saw a similar jar and a vase similar to mine around the internet, but totally forgot about them. It was strange that the foot rim from the Qianglong period had such a thick rim. anyways, thank you for your answer.