Pair Blue Octagon Cups

Started by kardinalisimo, Jul 03, 2016, 22:55:20

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Not sure if the labels indicate origin or country of export. Are they Japanese for sure? If so, any term for the type of ware?


This looks more Chinese than japanese, the foot looks Chinese, if it was Japanese it would be called the same as Chinese " Monochrome".


Thanks Stan. I am also suspicious about being non-Japanese. If Chinese, I don't know. Not a typical decoration. Could it be something made in the Straits?


IF it is Chinese, then it is far from the 100 years claimed on the label. I am suspicious of that anyway. Who writes 100 years antique on a label (?), and the paper and red print looks exactly like some used about 20-30 years ago in China. The label may be recent too.


I know, over hundreds years sounds a bit funny.
I suspect it may have something to do with export/import tariffs.
I am attaching a Hong Kong certificate on a Chinese hat stand. The image may not be very clear but it says that the piece is over hundred years old.
I'll post in a different topic with better pictures. To me the stand does not look antique.
Anyway, back to the cups. So, if Chinese, they are not antique? Is there anything specific that gives a clue about being more recent?


Many countries do not seem to require import tax on antiques over 100 year old. But this would not require this old-style Chinese stickers on new looking cups. I mean, if the sticker itself would be really old, this would go back to the 19th century. Fishy either way, I think.

As to the hat stand paper, I cannot read the text, but please not that the title says Certificate of Identity and not Certificate of Authenticity. There is a world of difference between the two in a legal sense.