famille roos

Started by Rec, Jun 17, 2016, 21:47:55

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22,5 cm big famille roos plate.


The plate is Chinese 18th century, but I believe that this was a blank and decorated possibly in America.


@Stan.  Any clue how frequent it would be that a blank would be exported, and then decorated by the importer? 


I think that Peter would be better to answer that question, I do know though that there was a high demand for Chinese porcelain and so there was a high number of blanks exported to Europe and to the America to help ease the demand, these blanks were then decorated in other countries, I know that I have a couple 18th century items that are clearly Chinese but decorated else where.


I do not know much about this specific decoration... Many European decorations were also made in China. But, what Stan mentions regarding blanks seems to be a fact. Blanks were exported because the Europeans had no Kaolin until the late 18th century.
Some decorations (100% European style) like this one were ordered in China, either with drawings or samples. Some underglaze blue ones were further decorated abroad, especially those with gilt. This is better explained with terms used in today's trade. Exported were raw products (blanks), semi-finished products and finished ones. The full range from 100% western style decorations to 100% Chinese style, and everything in between was exported.

The 13 factories in Canton also painted blanks that came from JDZ, but they used enamels that were different from JDZ.