chinese bowls

Started by Rec, Jun 10, 2016, 17:50:44

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hi guys,
I'd appreciate any information you could give me about these two bowls



Hi Rec, these bowls look old to me, 19th century no problem, but I can't tell you much more, I have never seen a mark quite like this, lets see if anyone else might know more.


thank you Stan. i appreciate it.


I agree that it could be 19th century. I have a few pieces of Guangxu that have very similar foot rims and gold on the top of the rim. I'm not sure about the black enamel paint on the flowers. Is it black? I honestly don't know about black decoration like that.  but everything else looks fine.


I guess there was some gilt decoration over the black areas, that has faded now?
The mark is likely early 19th century (1st or 2nd quarter).


hi Peter,
i can't find any gilded areas on the bowls. Maybe it's fadded.
Is these an important detail for the age/ origin?