Dragon designed old plates Blue and White

Started by cuinterrupted, Jun 09, 2016, 07:59:19

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Hello, I have these four small dishes that are very fragile feeling or thin. They have blue hue to them and dragons on them. I think they are very old but unsure. They have iron spots on them which I read is a sign of age .  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!


I'm not sure if I'm seeing right, but all the plates really look alike meaning that it must be some type of transfer ware. The Iron spots are age signs but if you find a lot more than those few spots and in conjunction with other age signs. Iron spots can now be easily faked and they look a little bit different than those. In my opinion its pretty modern... maybe a couple of decades old?


Without closeup pictures of some details, done with better lighting, it is difficult to tell what you have.


Here are some closer pictures of one of the plates


I agree with heavenguy. Looks as if it was not hand-painted in the traditional manner.


This is what I call an Enhanced Transfer-ware, they go over it in certain areas to give it a hand painted look.