Re: Hello, help with a blue and white lid bowl

Started by heavenguy, Jun 07, 2016, 07:37:45

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Thank you Peterp, I was as careful and fast as I could possibly be since I had a lot of competition that day. I opted to get the smaller pieces instead of the big items. The lady had quite a collection of items and this are the items I got. She liked blue and white items and she had a good taste. Here its my picking loot.

and if you don;t mind I have a few questions...


This lot is quite standard fare. But there are some age differences. First, the items with a similar decoration like the lidded bowls, while the Jiaqing/Daoguang attribution stands, please be aware that the continued to be made afterwards. So, some may not be exactly from that period. Without having seen the bottom I dare say that it is likely that all lidded items are from about the same period as above. The blue bowls are likely Guangxu (pending on more pictures).

I agree that it is safer to buy smaller items.


The bigger blue bowl has a sticker that reads Tongzhi period but I thrust your judgment a lot more.. They probably use it as a planter since it has a lot of dirt.


close up to the inside of the bowl. it has a slight blue tint inside the bowl.


I would have said Guangxu. But that is about the same.

These are censers too...this shape appears mostly late in the Qing dynasty.