Small "Japanese" vase

Started by Adriano, May 31, 2016, 16:32:08

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I need help to identify this small vase.
For the style it look me Japanese, but the mark could be Chinese: apocryphal Yongzheng? 
Thank you for any comment.


Looks like a kwan yin with peaches and a crane, usually Chinese motives but in a very Japanistic way. It was made to look "old", you can see the one direction rubbing on the foot rim.  Probably modern, don't know how modern it is. usually some modern cheap Chinese porcelain wares have this Japanese look to them.


Hi Heavenguy, thank you very much.


Late 20th or 21st century, Chinese. Neither antique nor vintage, so no collecting value. Unreadable private mark.
This site and the ebook is teaching people to NOT buy such easy to recognize new items. There are no real age signs, the foot rim was ground for some reason. The base is recent.


Hi Peter, I appreciate your advice.
Thank you.