Antique Teapot, Any Help With ID? Porcelain shows definite signs of age.

Started by Curiosito, May 15, 2016, 06:52:26

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Here's a link to the imgur folder -,9v9CJVo,6qniTPX,1Agszgq,n8OWwpX
Any help at all is greatly appreciated, I've dealt with a lot of newer repro and this one shows definite signs of age in my opinion - I just am a novice in the Chinese Porcelain department. Sorry for not using attachments as well, on mobile and files are too large.


It looks like there are pupils in the eyes, wouldn't that make it Guangxu period, they to copied the Tongzhi mark.


There are definitely pupils in the upper portion of the eyes, is that a sure indication of Guangxu over Tongzhi? Any good resources you guys could suggest to further my knowledge on antique Chinese porcelain? That gives me a date range which is what I was looking for though and I couldn't be more appreciative of the responses.


I saw that, but there are some things that make me think it could rather be Tongzhi, if perhaps on the later side. This is my personal opinion.
The impression of ghost-like faces is still stronger here than with typical Guangxu faces and, the forehead of the ladies is still high (hairline more receded) as on typical Guangxu items.
The pupils are not as prominent yet as with Guangxu items, and we do not really know when exactly they started to be added, whether in the Guangxu reign or already in the late Tongzhi reign. Porcelain painting styles never changed abruptly from one reign to another.

But the overall impression I get is that overall it still resembles more the Tongzhi painting style, including the two main colors of clothing, which are very typical for Tongzhi.
If you put typical Tongzhi and Guangxu items side by side you will see that the colors used are slightly different.