A pair of small blue and white vases

Started by Rec, May 06, 2016, 00:59:37

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hi there,
I found a pair of small blue and white vases (aprox.14 cm high). Any thoughts as to age and origin are appreciated.


an other blue and white small vase (9,5 cm high). These one is translucent. i can see the shadow of mine hand inside of the vase


Same thing friend... They all look very new and transferware. Try to look at some real foot rims on high auction houses and learn how they look. That helped me a lot to at least filter the more recent ones from the old ones. That does't mean that you won't have to deal with fakes thought.


hi heavenguy
what is your definition of very new?


You are not speaking to me, but my view of very new is anything post-republic. Republic isn't that old either, but some of the pieces can be worth a considerable bit of money. I think we should collect what we enjoy. If you do that, it is impossible to make a mistake. If you are collecting for profit, that is quite a different matter and takes a lifetime of study and a bit of good luck as well.


New is either a day old to a couple of decades old. Usually when I get an answer on this forum, I usually get the same definition of "new".

Even thought I agree we should collect what we enjoy, I think the point of getting into this type of forums and ask for help to identify something is to learn about real Chinese antiques or republic period pieces, and learn how to differentiate them from fakes or recent copies. if we want to make a profit out of them and not to lose money on it, then I think asking before buying its a great way to avoid expensive mistakes. If some dealers are not willing or don't allow for you to take a pic, that must mean something.

Takes time, and lots of mistakes (money) to get decent at it. In my own personal experience, I had a room full of mistakes, but at the end, I ended up selling or donating the "new" pieces I had because I saw them as antiques first and they were only taking up space for the real deal.

I owe so much to this forum and to lots of people in here, that I believe that the more people knows about Chinese antiques the better. At the end, I think we are here to learn anything that we can about Asian stuff and share it with the world.

Good luck...