Can anyone help identity this marking and ginget jar. Not sure if it has value.

Started by Claudia1122, Apr 22, 2016, 03:39:05

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I have a lot of items to research and I am clueless.  I want to be certain I am not giving away valuable items because I dont know the value of a item. Any information is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you all.


Hi Claudia, these photo's are to small to see any detail, 400KB per post, you should be able to post four pictures at 100KB a picture or less, also a picture of the bottom and any age signs like rust spots dimples, glaze loss and close up pictures under natural light, these should be clear, thanks.


Stan, I had to compress photo. Outside of this, I could email personally if you don't mind. Let me know and thank you so much for any insight you may offer.


These photos are not detailed enough, but judging by what is otherwise visible of the style and colors  these items are likely late 20th century, with spurious Qianlong marks. Fairly new, I'm afraid